We meet your staffing needs through an innovative recruiting process backed by a dedicated client-centric service focus. Our recruitment team comprises of experienced professional consultants. We offer two types of staffing services.

  • Need based / Adhoc placement
  • Permanent Staffing

We maintain a high level of IT industry skills and experience within our talent pool. This helps us identify your specific IT requirement and meet that with a meticulous vetting of candidate qualifications. Our objective is to present the right IT candidate, you are excited to meet and consider for your requirements. We prefer quality over quantity ensuring you never waste your time with unqualified candidates. We follow a standard procedure for candidate selection.

  • We interact with client to outline the requirements of the position that include skills and relevant experience. While we follow our own rigorous screening process, we encourage client for any additional screening that we can perform, such as specific interview questions or technical testing materials.
  • We search from our own talent pool as well as our extensive candidate network to find the initial list of candidates meeting the criteria and conducting initial screening interviews to identify the most promising ones.

We conduct a very comprehensive final technical interview to assess the actual depth of experience and expertise the candidate has around your required skill set.