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With the huge development in the field of I.T, this field is becoming more mature. The need to optimize cost has increased, and this has given birth to the creativity and innovation. A new concept in this field which has gained a lot of popularity is cloud computing. The word cloud present in this concept is a technology that preserves data and applications by making use of internal remote server and internet. This type of computing helps a person to run an important application without actually installing the software or hardware associated with it. A client can easily access his or her necessary file at any remote computer with the help of an internet access. This technology comes handy and it helps in performing an efficient computing by simply using a central storage, process, memory, and bandwidth.

This technology is holding a very good position in the field of computer science. A person using this does not need to buy or download any program, since all the information is going to get stored in the cloud; there is no need of hard disk or other important software. Also, in case of a simple technology, from time to time the hardware or the software has to be updated, in case of cloud computing this software are updated automatically. This is also best for business purposes; it saves a lot of time and money. One best thing is that setting up this computing system is extremely easy to carry out. There are many cloud service providers present, choose the one according to needs and budget.

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